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23/02/2024 5 min read

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We create exceptional furniture through intelligent designs and innovative materials to revolutionise workspaces across the world, inspiring the creativity and productivity of its users.

About Frövi

We love being different for a reason and use this as motivation to be better and achieve more than what is already out there. We do this by traveling the world seeking out new, different, interesting materials, identifying emerging trends, and embracing colour and space theories, before meticulously designing beautiful products that complement the overall vision for a space in our own unique and distinctive style.

We are immensely proud knowing the products we’ve designed and the services we provide are enriching the experiences of people’s everyday life. We use it as a catalyst to do more and go further creating long-lasting, and meaningful relationships with our customers, our partners, and each other.

Immerse yourself in the Frövi experience with over 50 of our intelligently designed products in our 5,000sqft showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Our experienced team is ready to help inspire your next project by guiding you around the specifically designed coworking scenarios and zoned workspaces helping you bring your vision to life. Learn from the experts about our vast product range in more detail, including the interesting and unusual materials we use to create designs that create enriching experiences every day. We pride ourselves in our extensive finish choices on our products; dive into our specially designed fabrics and finishes cave where you choose between hundreds of options.

Conveniently situated within a ten-minute walk of Barbican, Farringdon, and Old Street tube stations and open Monday to Friday. Visit at your convenience to enjoy our contemporary furniture designs.




Workspace, Hospitality, Education, Health, Residential, Public Sector

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+44 (0) 1608 652411

Isle by Frövi injects domestic playfulness into commercial spaces

Comprised of character and soft silhouettes, Isle is a table that embodies minimalism throughout its design.

27/09/2023 1 min read

Frövi introduces Bae: a modular and sustainable seating system

Bae is an organic-shaped modular seating system that provides endless possibilities for space planning.

08/06/2023 1 min read

Frovi introduce Picket, an anti-microbial felt screen

Frovi has introduced a new solutions to workplace safety, Picket, an anti-microbial felt screen.

28/05/2020 1 min read

Frövi challenges everyday working with new modular pod, Colony

A pioneering piece for the British brand, the structure acts as a vessel for other products both old and new and is completely configurable. Users are able to design their own combination of panel finishes from felt, metal or fabric.

06/02/2020 1 min read

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5 Sycamore Street, Barbican, London EC1Y 0SG

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+44 (0) 1608 652411

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