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David Collins Studio reveals its latest hospitality haunt in Chicago

Occupying two floors of the luxury St. Regis hotel, Tre Dita (and its accompanying Bar Tre Dita) is hailed as the ‘first certified Tuscan restaurant in the US’.

18/04/2024 2 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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3 min read

In attendance:

Harry McKinley, Managing Editor
Chloé Petersen Snell, Deputy Editor
Charlotte Slinger, Editorial Assistant

HM – Good weekend?

CPS – It was. Our piece on gendered workplace design has proved quite the conversation starter – plenty of thoughts from industry folks.

HM – Mostly women?

CPS – Well, obviously. But I did particularly enjoy the words of Kate Usher, the gender equity consultant, who called out the masculine focus of the office design industry in her response on LinkedIn: “while the industry doesn’t actively choose to do this, it blindly accepts the masculine limitations that it gives itself.”

CPS – You?

HM – Well, I finally made some headway with my latest read: Des Fitzgerald’s ‘The City of Today is a Dying Thing’. It’s a pretty consuming tome, assuming the future of urbanisation is your thing, of course. Thus far, it’s a celebration of cities in all their messy, glorious complication.

CS – Does he talk about the angst of delayed trams?

CPS – Well, some things will never change.

HM – You could always come to work on a skateboard. There’s actually a nifty exhibition on right now at The Design Museum about the evolution of the skateboard from the 1950s to today and its role in community building.

CS – I’ve never been one to hang around at skateparks, but they are an interesting example of the built environment being shaped by the people who use it; not unlike what Madeleine Kessler broached in her column on Smart Cities this issue.

HM – It’s amazing the difference a few years can make. I remember when King’s Cross was best avoided, now everyone wants to live there. Author King’s Cross, the new Conran and Partners-designed BTR project is pretty swish; definitely no skateparks in sight.

CPS – I’ve always been more at home in a gallery myself. What do we think of The Factory (Manchester’s OMA Architects-designed cultural hub)? It’s bedding in since its opening last year; the most expensive public investment in culture since London’s Tate Modern, if you can believe it. For me the design’s a bit flat but, love it or hate it, it’s good to see the North catching up I suppose.

HM – It depends how far north you want to go. I was just in Edinburgh and there’s a cracking exhibition at The Portrait Gallery: Making Space, Photographs of Architecture. It’s on for a few more weeks, so there’s still time to catch it if anyone is willing to brave Scotland in February.

CS – Lots of variations of grey.

CPS – Not so grey, Judith van Vliet’s Color Authority podcast which was my own (delayed) tram listen.

HM – Oh, wasn’t Laura Perryman (the colour designer and trend forecaster) on that at one point? I was filming with her on Friday. Who doesn’t love chewing the fat on colour?

CS – The more colour the better, as far as I’m concerned!

CPS – For someone who’s always in black, I think our most recent issue has given me my colour fix for the year. Who would have thought I’d be so onboard with maximalism?

CS – Didn’t Doshi Levien’s Nipa and Jonathan tell you design is all about colour and joy?

CPS – Black can be joyful, Charlotte.

HM – Not my favourite thing to wear, but how I like my coffee. “Black as midnight on a moonless night,” to borrow from Twin Peaks.

CPS – Bold move to have David Lynch at Salone. What an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

HM – He also said, “even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all,” and I’m all out.

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