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David Collins Studio reveals its latest hospitality haunt in Chicago

Occupying two floors of the luxury St. Regis hotel, Tre Dita (and its accompanying Bar Tre Dita) is hailed as the ‘first certified Tuscan restaurant in the US’.

18/04/2024 2 min read

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Complete experience: the radical design of Knoll

We explore how Knoll has been revolutionising how people experience office, hospitality and residential interiors since 1938.

10/04/2024 5 min read

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Positive Impact: the art of office perfection

Artiq’s Patrick McCrae on why the value of art is more than mere decoration.


5 min read

31 St James Square

This article first appeared in Mix Interiors #229

Words: Patrick McCrae

Stories of collecting art can be traced back to ancient civilizations. For centuries, collectors have viewed art not only as objects of beauty or items associated with status but as a reliable store of value. Today, art is as much an asset class as it is an application of creativity and imagination; a commodity as much as an antidote for our times.

But artistic expression was born from our need for storytelling, not as a token for trade. Honing in on the unique power of art to tell impactful stories and foster community gives us an alternative metric for the value of art. This value is being utilised by an increasing number of businesses who are looking for new and innovative ways to engage their staff and guests. In doing so, the importance of interior spaces like the office becoming cultural hubs, and places that represent the values of a business, is more pronounced than ever.

Investing in culture is proven to be effective. A report by Brookfield Properties found that 69% of office workers agreed that having interesting and visually attractive art pieces in the workplace contributes to their wellbeing.

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