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Building a future-proof, destination office

Digital infrastructure specialists Pioneer Group offer insight into creating an adaptable, fully integrated workplace.

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Destination office design Nomios breakout space technology

Nomios workspace

Of course, 2021 had a huge impact on the office – speeding up a way of working that was already in motion. Many businesses were already looking at solutions to provide staff with workspaces that supported activities and collaboration (activity-based working or ABW) rather than seating and meeting rooms. But 2021 moved ABW forward to a new era, that of experience-based-working (EBW) and the hotly discussed ‘destination office’.

Enterprises need their office locations to become a destination; somewhere employees want to hang out and collaborate, not somewhere they have to be. Businesses with fully integrated and interactive audio-visual displays, touchscreens and collaborative solutions embedded within their infrastructure have an advantage when it comes to getting people into the office. They understand that the office must become more than just a workplace; it must be a desirable destination.

The fully integrated office is a dynamic, adaptable, and inspirational space full of collaborative opportunities, supporting users’ needs and making working from home a less desirable option when facilitating productivity and collaboration.

Achieving a people-first approach calls for a marriage between human resources, information technology and management to pursue crucial decisions about where people will be, what they will want and how they can best perform their roles. From speaking to clients, it is clear that what most employees want is choice. People want different things at different times, so providing a flexible office space is key to making the office the desirable destination where people want to be.

Moving forward, businesses will need a sturdy digital backbone to maximise the effectiveness of their offices. Half of us will probably dial in virtually, and the other half will make the most of better WiFi, free coffee and in-person collaboration. The bottom line is choice means giving the employee the option to work from anywhere, including the office.

What should a Destination Office look like?

Future-proof, people-centred building design plays a prominent role in enticing the workforce into the office. A spacious office atrium has become a staple design factor, increasing social opportunities and working flexibility. Exciting audio-visual technology like holographic visuals and transparent displays are now entering these spaces and adding to the work life experience.

Coffee shop-style meeting spaces and relaxed seating will become the norm in many offices as businesses look to create the “home away from home” environment, encouraging employees to gravitate back towards the workplace.

Audio-visual equipment will play a big role in the future workplace; room booking solutions and digital signage will be a critical factor in ensuring offices can provide destination spaces whilst still ensuring employees are well informed and able to work. Large format displays showcasing companies’ internal communications will also become standard in offices. These solutions add vibrancy to offices, bring different departments together, highlighting activities and creating more unity.

Find out more about how to create a future-proof destination workplace at pioneergroup.co.uk.


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