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Barr Gazetas and Untold Interiors transform historic Cottam House into sustainable workplace

Working with the existing fabric and materials of the building, the sensitive restoration features Crittal partioning, glass blockwork and plenty of intriguing design details.

02/12/2021 3 min read

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Can designing for comfort improve productivity in the workplace?

British flooring manufacturer Amtico asks the questions as part of The Young Designer Series, in association with Mix Interiors’ 30 Under 30.

30/11/2021 1 min read

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Material Matters: Claire McPoland, The Office Group

TOG Interiors' Design Lead offers a selection of her go-to finishes and materials.

01/12/2021 2 min read


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Ege Carpets reveals truly sustainable ReForm collection, Mark of Time Ecotrust

In the Mark of Time collection from Ege Carpets, multi-level loop construction creates a sculptural texture influenced by the collision of the Earth’s layers.

04/06/2021 2 min read
Ege Carpets

Combining a rough yet poetic design story with a truly sustainable product concept featuring several practical advantages such as improved acoustics and flexibility, Mark of Time Ecotrust offers a contemporary interior choice for demanding projects.

Designed by textile designer and creative director Carol Appleton, chaotic and organic elements come together to define the two co-ordinating patterns – Bedrock and Landslide – that can be used alone or combined to give a soft or dramatic expression to the floorscape.

Bedrock has a soft stone texture and is the foundation for the collection, and Landslide is inspired by fragmented rock, weathered and streaked with colour. Minerals including jet, lapis and serpentine have inspired the colour palette of tone-on-tone neutrals complemented by darker shades that create either a subtle or powerful yet refined look. Each design comes in 15 contemporary colours carefully chosen for their ability to combine into unique compositions.

The Bedrock and Landslide patterns are available as carpet tiles, planks, Figura and wall-to- wall carpet offering a multitude of design options for distinctive and functional floorscapes.

Carpet tiles and planks offer a high level of flexibility, easy to install with flawless joints. The square carpet tile is available in two sizes; 48×48 cm or 96×96 cm that can be installed in the monolithic style to mimic the look of wall-to-wall carpet or as quarterturn where pattern and pile direction create a different look. The rectangular plank comes as 24×96 cm and with the Figura concept, innovative tile shapes add an extra geometric touch to the design expression.

Sustainable all the way through

Cradle to Cradle Certified, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with the patented recycled Ecotrust backing, the collection perfectly suits any sustainable flooring project. The felt backing transforms recycled plastic bottles into a soft and strong PET material that’s long lasting with ab impressive acoustic performance.

Abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste are used for yarn that comprises many of the carpet constructions. Fishing nets account for one tenth of waste in the ocean, drifting for months and posing a threat to sea life. Once collected, the fishing nets are cleaned, broken down and reborn as strong, hardwearing yarn that is both regenerated and regenerable.

Ege Carpets challenge industry standards and rethink how aesthetics, quality and sustainability can be combined. Follow The Green Thread and read more about Ege Carpets’ sustainable ambitions and achievements at egecarpets.com

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