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Past Forward merges Interface’s historic design motifs with modern performance

Celebrating 50 years of design innovation, Past Forward is made from 100% recycled nylon and features Interface’s carbon negative backing.

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Interface, Past Forward - Carpet Tile Collection

Retrospec Royal, Light Concrete


United Kingdom

Interface’s Past Forward collection offers new modern classics inspired by decades of designs. The collection celebrates 50 years of modular carpet tile innovation at Interface and merges historic design motifs with modern performance expectations to meet the demands of today’s commercial spaces.

With 14 products featuring a bold design and colour palette, Past Forward reimagines nostalgic designs, blending retro charm with contemporary design. The collection offers a range of traditional, vintage and retro designs, from ornate rococo and renaissance visuals, retro patterns with scribbles and geometrics to vintage-inspired patchwork styles and traditional Turkish motifs. The result is a versatile collection that harmonises familiarity with the sustainability and durability expectations of a modern modular carpet tile.

Designed to be an innovative area rug solution, Past Forward can help define areas for relaxing, productivity or collaborative work. The styles can also help delineate room borders, support wayfinding or be featured in wall-to-wall installation for maximum impact.

David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs and exclusive product designer for Interface, notes: “The collection, drawing inspiration from fashion’s heritage trend and the revival of 60s and 70s furniture design, offers a peek into 50 years of carpet tile designs. The design process involved research and dialogues with pioneers in carpet tile manufacturing to capture the romance of historical designs and how these have evolved.”

“This culminated in a fusion of ideas, taking inspiration from Axminster and Wilton designs alongside hand-painted motifs artfully reimagined with today’s advanced tufting technology. The result is unmatched versatility, enabling the creation of uniquely expressive, serene, and stylish spaces.”

Past Forward is made from 100% recycled nylon and features Interface’s carbon negative CQuest™Bio backing. Depending on the style, the carbon footprint of the carpet tiles ranges between 3.43 to 4.89kg CO₂e/m², helping reduce the carbon footprint of designs.

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