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Tétris delivers JLL’s vision for the workplace of the future

The Canary Wharf workplace is JLL’s first office specifically designed to embrace a new way of hybrid working.


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Tétris was appointed by JLL to deliver design and build services for the new 38,000 sq ft offices at 20 Water Street in Canary Wharf. Recognising that the workplace is no longer confined to a single physical location, JLL employed a forward-thinking and holistic approach with innovation and employee wellbeing at its heart.

The Tétris team had a goal to meet the ‘Gold’ standard in all twenty principles of JLL’s Inclusive Workspaces Standards, putting the user experience at the centre of the entire design process to benefit employees as much as possible. The space also promotes wellness, with a safe post-pandemic design and plentiful access to green space both inside and outside the office.

The thoughtful design considered a variety of factors, including physical requirements, neurodiversity, age, cultural differences and sensitivity to environmental conditions. 20 Water Street has the broadest spectrum of collaboration spaces in a JLL workplace to date, which allows for work to take place at the most effective location, based on different individual and team needs. The office also features a diverse mix of meeting and hybrid rooms, breakout areas, cafe and kitchens, huddle spaces, demo and innovation zones, standing rooms, study libraries, acoustic meeting pods, plus garden lounges and balconies.

Adaptability and flexibility were also central to this project, with a plan that allows for the reconfiguration of internal spaces without costly and wasteful demolition. This also supports agile working, with modular parts that can be easily adapted to meet evolving needs both now and in the future.

Tétris also incorporated features such as height adjustable workstations, furniture that accommodates different body shapes and sizes, and a variety of working and social environments for neurodiverse needs.

80% of the furniture in the office is from remanufactured or refurbished sources including JLL’s former office at 40 Bank Street. Those assets not re-used from the previous office were rehomed, with 1,250 items used in schools and elsewhere in the JLL portfolio. Stand-out examples include worktops made of 100% recycled post-industrial waste, an acoustic soffit spray from recycled natural materials, and recycled leather waste used as finishing material for the reception desk and more.

Innovation is evident throughout the spaces, with the design ensuring the right infrastructure for future-facing smart technologies to be implemented, with a user-friendly human interface. The workplace benefits from AI powered sensors to monitor occupancy and air quality, as well as smart lockers and ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi complementing JLL’s own intelligent workplace app.

“In approaching this ambitious project, we wanted to reflect JLL’s forward-thinking vision, as well as its commitment to sustainability, in a fun and dynamic way,” comments Tétris design lead, Nikhil Dhumma.{ Our brief included embedding circular economy principles by reusing, recycling and upcycling where possible. From the outset, we sought to reflect the key tenets of JLL’s workplace design concept, creating an environment that is comfortable, sustainable, inclusive, flexible, reassuring, innovative, reflective and exemplary. 20 Water Street showcases how JLL is leading by example by embracing the principles that it advises its occupier clients to adopt.”

Taking pride of place within the vibrant and cosmopolitan Wood Wharf waterside development in London’s Canary Wharf, JLL Water Street boasts outstanding surroundings, featuring hand-picked retail and restaurants, and ample open spaces. This is a workspace that cultivates a sense of place and belonging, with a unique palette chosen to reflect the ‘context as a concept’ design approach through layering a variety of colours, patterns and textures within the interior environment.


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