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Christie Proton Beam Therapy by HKS Architects

We talk to HKS Architects about the Christie Proton Beam Therapy Centre project.

21/06/2019 2 min read

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The Biophilic Office Project

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that, by incorporating biophilic design into our built environments, we can increase our health and wellbeing. Biophilic design acknowledges that we are instinctively connected to nature and that, through exploring this connection within the spaces that we live, relax and work in, we can positively influence our physical and psychological health. Oliver Heath, Director of Oliver Heath Designs, knows his stuff.

18/09/2019 3 min read

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Historic manchester building set for 1920s transformation by Bruntwood Works

Landmark Manchester building, Blackfriars House, is set to undergo a major transformation as part of Bruntwood Works’ £50m Pioneer refurbishment project. 

01/10/2019 1 min read

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DESSO Orchard Collection by Tarkett

DESSO Orchard Collection by Tarkett

24/09/2019 1 min read


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Mix Design Collective Experience: Meet

Whilst the current image of workplace collaboration is seen as open plan and funky furniture so much does and should still happen in the board room. Meet pays homage to one of the oldest forms of work folk getting together.

08/05/2019 2 min read

Whilst the current image of workplace collaboration is seen as open plan and funky furniture, so much still happens in the boardroom. The MEET experience, designed by Defurb, will pay homage to one of the oldest forms of getting folk together.

What has been your inspiration for Mix Design Collective?

Mallows – the good old fashioned sweet. Soft in colour and soft in texture. They make me smile so I’m hoping the experience will make people smile too!

What do you think are the current trends in the world of commercial interiors?

One is definitely variety – providing an activity-based environment aligned to the business culture is only going to increase with the advance of technology. Variety supports the generations and personalities in one workplace, but more importantly the wellbeing of staff – supporting productivity and not your normal ‘9 to 5’ culture.

In this new climate of flexible working, do you think a boardroom is still important?

The traditional concept of a boardroom? Personally, I don’t think so – but an environment that fosters energy and creativity definitely is. Today’s meetings are most effective in spaces which match the communal culture, can accommodate various uses and allow ideas to flow.

Mix Design Collective Lead Designer

Lesley McPhee, Design Director, Defurb

Lesley is the founder of Defurb, a new boutique design studio that specialises in delivering creative interiors for workplace and retail environments. Lesley’s experience spans 26 years and reaches as far as South Africa, Ireland, Berlin and Paris. Projects closer to home have included The Hut Group, Majestic Wine and Protector Insurance. The studio is currently working on a number of exciting projects, including undertaking a project as the lead concept designer for a long-established high-street retailer.

Lesley McPhee

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