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Six recent projects designed for post-pandemic working

From agile coworking to socially-minded headquarters, we explore a selection of workplaces developed for changing conventions.

08/08/2022 3 min read

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Post-pandemic spaces: control or release?

As humans, we need both a sense of control and the joy of release. Spaces must acknowledge this tension, and either resolve it, or pick a side.

28/07/2022 2 min read

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Bright new tones, shapes and sizes in the Kerastar range from Johnson Tiles

British tile manufacturer Johnson Tiles has extended its popular Kerastar range of commercial tiles.

02/08/2022 2 min read


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Simplicity in Scandinavian Design from Forbo

Struktur 1 is the latest addition to Forbo Flooring Systems’ well-established Tessera carpet tile portfolio, inspired by the continuing trend for Scandinavian design.

16/07/2021 2 min read
Forbo Flooring Systems
Scotland, Lancashire, Telford, London

Characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, but still creating a warm and inviting feel, the Scandinavian design movement first emerged in the early 20th century and subsequently went on to flourish throughout the Nordic countries. The design trend has continued to grow and evolve, taking the interiors world by storm – and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The ‘clean lines’ approach remains one of the most popular interior design styles and this can be achieved in a myriad of ways.

Elements commonly associated with Scandinavian design include the use of white walls to maximise light and the incorporation of natural textures, such as wood, stone and concrete. Alongside this, bringing the outside in by having plants, flowers and other botanicals evokes a connection to nature and breathes life into a room. Following the ‘less is more’ mantra, Scandinavian design emphasises the need for decluttered spaces and simple and clean lines.

By starting with the foundations of an interior – the floor – interior designers can easily achieve that Nordic appeal in their projects, thanks to the latest solutions designed with a simple and pared back aesthetic. For example, Struktur 1 is the latest addition to Forbo Flooring Systems’ well-established Tessera carpet tile portfolio: featuring a flat weave texture thanks to its microtuft construction, the pure aesthetic of Struktur 1 can help to create a balanced ambiance within many interior spaces.

Neutral colour schemes with the monochrome shades of bright warm whites, black and grey are perfect for creating an elegant and minimalist look. But that doesn’t mean that Scandinavian style can’t be fun either – with pops of colour are often used as accents. Instead of neutrals, muted colours can create a backdrop or highlight certain areas of a room. With a selection of 18 colourways in the Stuktur 1 collection, including beiges and greys, as well as muted shades of green, yellow, orange and reds, interior designers can create softer and warmer spaces in any commercial environment.

Designed, manufactured and stocked in the UK, Tessera Struktur 1 has a unique look and feel. Not only does it provide a subtle and compact aesthetic, but it is also durable and delivers a 17 dB acoustic value for reduced noise transmission. Its simplicity means it complements other interior furnishings, and they can even be installed alongside Forbo’s Allura Flex LVT, using the same tackifier, and Allura Ease adhesive free vinyl tiles without the need for transition strips, to create integrated flooring schemes.

Every so often we need to pause, reflect and take a moment to focus on what is really important – and that is the design idea behind Struktur 1. Inspired by the continuing trend for Scandinavian design, it is the perfect solution for creating calming spaces.

For more information about the new carpet tile range, please visit forbo-flooring.co.uk

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